Consulting Invoice Template

Consulting invoice template is a sample document that state the consulting billing rate and fees for the consulting service provided. A well designed sample consulting invoice can help consulting companies the payment collection.

Consulting Invoice Billing

Consulting invoice need to consider the consulting fee arrangement. There are different consulting fee arrangement depending on the nature of the project. hourly changes involve multiplying the billing rate by the number of hours the consultant work for the clients. The fee arrangement is the basic and common fee arrangement. Another common fee arrangement is the fixed fees. The fixed fees occur when a particular service is performed for a fixed amount.

Consulting invoice need to indicate the payment process. Many consultant assume that an invoice is same as payment and meet may problems during the payment collection process. In order to make your invoice payment go smoothly, it is important to communication with the clients. Before you send out your consulting invoice, you may obtain a mutual understanding with the clients concerning the consulting fees.

Consulting Invoice Template

There are free consulting invoice template you can download for reference, however, you may need to design your own sample consulting invoice for your own needs. During the process, it is important to consider the consulting invoice format, consulting invoice outline and consulting invoice layout.

The first key part in consulting invoice template is the company details. In the section, you need to give details of your company and clients. For example, the Company Name:___; Company Address:___; Company Contact Details:___; The Client Details:____(State the client address, contact number, name etc.).

The second key part in consulting invoice sample is the details of service. In the section, you need to describe the service beginning date and ending date, the total hours consulted, the base rate etc. For example, The service provided:____; The No of Hours:___; The Base Rate:___.

The last key part in consulting invoice format is the payment policy. In the section, you need to state clearly the company policy about the payment, are there any award for the early payment? are there any penalties for the late payment? Some companies may give incentives to encourage the clients to pay early.


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